This center was established in 1988 to promote the society prosperity by conducting advanced research and for selecting and developing people, by means of knowledge generation.
CDSID | Members

Until 2019, CDSID had more than 20 researchers directly linked to research groups that were created and incubated by CDSID (see list of 'Partners'). Their integration with CDSID is now through INCT-INSID. Thus, since January 2020, CDSID reduced the number of members and it is now focused on its own research areas. CDSID keeps connection with past members through the coordination of INCT-INSID.

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Professors and Lecturers

Adiel Teixeira de Almeida

PhD, England
CDSID Director; Professor
CNPQ Grant in Research Productivity 1A

Eduarda Asfora Frej

DSc, UFPE, Brasil
Assistant Professor UFPE

Lucia Reis Peixoto Roselli

DSc, UFPE, Brasil
Assistant Professor UFPE

Federal University of Pernambuco | CTG | Department of Production Engineering
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