This center was established in 1988 to promote the society prosperity by conducting advanced research and for selecting and developing people, by means of knowledge generation.
Sectors | Energy

There are several developed and current projects in which the CDSID has acted. Among them, some related to the energy sector are highlighted:

Current Projects

Multicriteria decision model for allocation of resources in energy systems incorporating the multiple objectives of companies’ strategic management and of system regulation guidelines (Support Program for Excellence Nucleus - PRONEX/FACEPE).

Developed Projects

- Technology prospecting decision methodologies for hydro-thermal operation planning to meet the demand of the National Electric System Operator (ONS- Operador Nacional do Sistema Elétrico). Source: CEPEL.

- Decision support modeling in selection of instruments for energy rationalization in the residential sector (CDSID / UFRJ). Source: CNPq / CT-ENERG.

- Development of the PLANTAC computational program, of CEPEL, as well as assistance in its implementation in companies of the Brazilian electric sector.

- Structured Reference Model for Development and Expansion of the CELPE Network

- Decision Models Development to support the Termope Maintenance Planning based on RCM methodology.

- Optimization Model Development for Enhancing the Capacity and the Distribution System Expansion Planning of CEMIG

- Development of methodologies for long and medium term transmission planning as well as the implementation of these methodologies in the PLANTAC computational program of CEPEL.

- Use of a priori knowledge of experts in the spare parts sizing for system maintenance (CDSID / CELPE) CNPq and R&D Aneel.

- Replacement of equipment by obsolescence and end of life cycle (CDSID / CELPE) R & D Aneel.

- Allocation of backup transformers of CELPE substations based on criteria of cost and availability in providing energy services (CDSID / CELPE) Aneel.

Teaching Activities

- Postgraduate Program (MSc and PhD) – Management Engineering

• Disciplines and research field with a direct interest for the electricity sector.

• Courses: Professional Master's Degree; Academic master; and Ph.D.

• More than ten (10) dissertations by engineers CHESF and CELPE.

• Other dissertations (students not employees of companies) applied to the electricity sector.

• Master's scholarships ELETROBRÁS-FDT, through an agreement UFPE / ELETROBRÁS.

• Professionals of CHESF and CELPE as professional master's students.

- Postgraduate courses - MBA:

• Production management (started in 2000 with participants of the outsourced staff of CHESF and CELPE)

• Maintenance management (started in 2001 with participants of CHESF and CELPE).

• Information management (started in 2001 with participants of CHESF and CELPE).

• Project management (started in 2006 with participants of CHESF and CELPE).

• Extension course in 1998, with 120 hours, offered to various companies of the Electric Sector, through an agreement with Eletrobrás.

Theses e Dissertations

- Maintainability of Optical Networks on High Voltage Lines (CHESF);

- Protection Model and Mitigation Actions against Fire in Power Transformers: An Analysis of the Causes and Consequences (CHESF);

- Multicriteria Decision Model Applied to Contractors Selection for Electric Power Substation construction in CHESF;

- Method for Analysis and Classification of Human Errors in Equipments Maintenance in Electric Power System (CHESF);

- The Business Process Management as a Competitive Advantage for a Company of the Brazilian Electric Sector (CHESF);

- Criticality Models and of Business Process Prioritization - Proposal for a Company of the Electricity Sector (CHESF);

- Model for maintenance planning based on degradation parameters (CHESF);

- Replacement policy of a system subject to shocks (CHESF)

- Multicriteria Model for ranking of monitored points of an electric system based on method SMARTS/SMARTER method (CELPE);

- Executive Management Model of the Research and Technological Development Program of CELPE;

- Multicriteria Model transformers reserves localization in maintenance planning context (CELPE)

Funding Support

These financial sources support research for the development of decision and optimization models for the electric system planning, maintenance planning and their actions, and for the performance evaluation of systems and equipments.

- CNPq

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