This center was established in 1988 to promote the society prosperity by conducting advanced research and for selecting and developing people, by means of knowledge generation.
Sectors | Water Resources
Water resources Planning and Management

The sector of Water Resources Planning and Management studies and develops information systems and decision models to support a structured decision-making on issues involving water availability, demands, conflicting uses of water, mitigation, remediation and anti-degradation methodologies for basins. Its performance also aims to evaluate strategies for water use and conservation in urban areas, seeking to provide adequate and sustainable environmental solutions. Develops practical and theoretical knowledge about modern techniques for group decision-making and negotiation, aiming to improve and to increase social participation in decision making, creating participatory processes more efficient.

Developed Projects

- Multicriteria evaluation of investments associated with systems to reduce water losses and wastage

- Studies of investment allocation for water supply systems

- Multicriteria evaluation of methodologies for mitigation, remediation and anti-degradation, erosion and siltation of the headwaters of Jaboatão River

- Information system and decision support for planning interventions to improve water supply systems

- Multicriteria analysis for water use and conservation strategies in urban water

- Group decision and negotiation support for water resources planning and management within Pernambuco state

- Group decision model associated with alternatives for distribution networks conservation in water supply systems

Projects under development

Group systematic to select alternative to reduce water resources degradation in Pernambuco

Sources of Research Support


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