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Welcome to NSID

NSID (Laboratory for Neuroscience and Behavioral Studies in Decision) is a laboratory linked to the Center for Development in Information and Decision Systems (CDSID).

At the NSID, advanced research is developed in the areas of decision support and negotiation, integrating behavioral information from decision makers and mathematical models to support decision making.


The NSID is focused on disseminating multidisciplinarity and plurality of ideas that intercede with the theme of neuroscience and decision making, incorporating research in several areas of knowledge. Areas such as applied neuroscience, engineering, psychology, marketing, economics and related areas bring great contribution and applicability in the study of psychophysiological aspects, seeking as the main objective of the laboratory to answer new scientific questions.

The NSID is dedicated to the development of advanced research with a focus on the areas of decision support and negotiation, particularly involving modeling the preferences of decision makers (managers and executives from public or private organizations), supported by neuroscience tools and techniques.

Location and Infrastructure

The NSID Lab occupies the 5th floor of the administrative block of the Center for Technology and Geosciences (CTG) at UFPE, where researchers and doctoral, master's and scientific initiation students find a favorable environment for the development of their studies and research. To this end, users have an infrastructure that includes four data collection rooms, four study planning and development laboratories, and two Decision Conferencing rooms. All laboratories are equipped with the hardware and software necessary to conduct research with a focus on neuroscience. Currently, Eye-Tracker equipment (fixed and portable) and EEG, with their respective software, are used to capture psychophysiological data during behavioral experiments for decision support methods and systems. The software dedicated to data processing allows individual and / or synchronized analysis of the data obtained by the equipment.

Research Areas

NSID develops several researches related to neuroscience, mainly in the areas:

  • Behavior of the decision maker in the context of group decision
  • Behavioral aspects analysis for modeling decision maker preferences
  • Behavior of the individual in the context of negotiation
  • Decision support systems interfaces


The NSID Lab has eight professors on its team, one post-doc student, seven doctoral students, five master's students, and one undergraduate student. We have a team of researchers engaged and committed to science.


Despite being recent, the NSID has been gaining notoriety in the academic community, mainly in the areas of decision making and negotiation. Recently, NSID students were awarded the Young Researcher Award at the 18th International Conference on Group Decision and Negotiation. In addition, a series of publications in international journals and book chapters indexed in ISI are the result of research carried out.


The use of the success‐based decision rule to support the holistic evaluation process in FITradeoff Roselli, L. R. P., & de Almeida, A. T.

2022 - International Transactions in Operational Research

Analysis of the cognitive aspects of the preference elicitation process in the compensatory context: a neuroscience experiment with FITradeoff Carneiro de Lima da Silva, A. L., Cabral Seixas Costa, A. P., & de Almeida, A. T.

2022 - Annals of Operations Research

Use of the Alpha-Theta Diagram as a decision neuroscience tool for analyzing holistic evaluation in decision making Roselli, L. R. P., & de Almeida, A. T.


Positioning of design elements on the packaging of frozen convenience food and consumers’ levels of attention: An experiment using pizza boxes Barbosa, A. A. L., de Moura, J. A., & de Medeiros, D. D.


Exploring cognitive aspects of FITradeoff method using neuroscience tools da Silva, A. L. C. L., Costa, A.P.C.S. & de Almeida, A.T.


Combining holistic and decomposition paradigms in preference modeling with the flexibility of FITradeoff de Almeida, A.T., Frej, E.A. & Roselli, L.R.P.


Neuroscience experiment applied to investigate decision-maker behavior in the tradeoff elicitation procedure. Roselli, L. R. P., de Sousa Pereira, L., da Silva, A. L. C. L., de Almeida, A. T., Morais, D. C., & Costa, A. P. C. S.


NSID – Laboratory for Neuroscience and Behavioral Studies in Decision
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Centro de Tecnologia e Geociência
Departamento de Engenharia de Produção
Av. da Arquitetura, s/n
5º andar do Bloco Administrativo do CTG
Cidade Universitária, Recife - PE, 50740-550
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Laboratory for Neuroscience and Behavioral Studies in Decision – NSID
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco – Centro de Tecnologia e Geociência – Departamento de Engenharia de Produção
Av. da Arquitetura, s/n, 5º andar do Bloco Administrativo do CTG, Cidade Universitária, Recife – PE, 50740-550