Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil - July 18th– July 29th, 2016


Goals of the Summer School

The aim of the school is to give to doctoral students/young researchers a state-of-the-art presentation of multiple criteria methods, applications and software. Multipe Criteria Decision Aid (MCDA) and Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) are a rapidly evolving domain which scientific developments are altogether based on fundamental sciences as mathematics, computer science, operation research, engineering, etc. and on social sciences and management science as sociology, management, political sciences. Interdisciplinarity needs a special involvement and will to insure full collaboration. The field of application is continuously expanding and social demands are numerous. The specific objectives of the school are:

  • to exchange knowledge to provide an efficient approach of real life decision problems;
  • to present recent developments in MCDA/M methods and practices;
  • to present software developments;
  • to analyze and discuss several applications of MCDA/M to complex evaluation situations.

Besides, we want to stipulate a network of young researchers in MCDA/M.

Target audience

The ideal number of participants is about 50. The summer school will host: young researchers who wish to achieve a thesis on the subject or to carry on a personal work which uses MCDA/M or to in-depth their knowledge in this discipline in order to complete their training.


The official language of the School is English. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any simultaneous translation.